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    The art of niples licking seems fairly simple and straight foward on paper but over the years and my time in porn and lucky enough to sample hundreds of different girls. I have found that like everything else no two girls lick nipples the same way. I have also discovered that nipple licking if giving properly can give you an intense erotic feelings.

    While some girls will lick your nipples and you get absolutely no erotic feelings or pleasure out of it and others give you okish medium pleasure. But I have found that there are elite few girls that licks your nipples and send you on mega erotic overdrive. When your limp cock begin to rise fast once they start licking your nipples then you know you've found the ultimate nipple licker.

    images courtsey

    Of all the models that I have shot, Georgie (Pic above) stand out as an extremely good nipple licker. I have no idea how she does it or if her tongue is coated with sweet honey all I know is that I felt intense erotic please running down my spine when she licked my nipples to the point that I felt like cumshot on the strenght of her just licking my nipples alone without even touching my cock.

    So for this feat alone Georgie deserve a mention in Digicreation Hall of Fame

    Give it a try yourself, any female you come into sexual contact with ask them to lick your nipples, you never know you might discover one that lick nipples just like Georgie [​IMG]

    The nipple licking effect will even be better if she has a cute face like our Georgie to stare at while she licking your nipple.

  2. tom

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    For those of you who have seen video of Georgie in action, just in case you've forgotten here is a pic reminder of her doing what she does best!

    images courtsey
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  3. Jim

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    oh Georgie she was cute; wish we had seen her getting all creamed up :D Shame she was a one n done :(
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  4. Onelia

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    Thanks for the recommendation, Tom. I will subscribe this month in this week and well, despite the time I think that your great and exciting work -and her beautyness- is atemporal. I´ll definetly check it : that´s very exciting and not very common to find in porn scenes.

    Watching right now the trailer she seems to be a little bit shy but very sweet too and she was laughing all the time (maybe a little bit nervous but also excited) meanwhile the talking previous to the scene. Being also her first black man sexual experience may had helped to get some extra excitement for licking a man´s nipples.

    P.S. Maybe nuns would LOVE to suck your nipples, Tom. Would be a great idea to propose it to them in some futere scenes. Just a sinful idea from a spanish trans woman who went to religious private "only for boys" school ...Nun is one of my favourites disguises for sexual surprises, so when I knew this year about your work DigiCreationsXXX has become instantly one of my most interesting interracial websites.
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