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    I first got into the interracial thing a few years ago when I was dating a stunning white girl called Jo. Jo had been a model as a teenager. She was working for a media company in South London and we met at a party thrown by a friend. As soon as I saw Jo I fell madly in love with her – she was stunning! Jo was very tall – about 5 foot 10, with a cascade of long flowing brown hair and bright blue eyes. She had the most beautiful face and amazing skin – but best of all were her long long legs – the best legs I’d ever seen and so silky smooth to the touch! I fell for her totally.

    It was summer and Jo and I began dating and she invited me to the flat she shared with a girlfriend in North London (not the girl in the pic above). It was then that I met her flat mate – a sexy and attractive blonde who, I soon discovered, was dating a Black guy. I soon discovered that this girl had a real thing for Black guys – and to my surprise I found that every time I went round to Jo’s flat he was hanging out there – sometimes with his friends (who were also Black guys).

    I found this difficult – mainly because Jo was so beautiful and these guys were always looking at her or trying to talk to her. I remember one evening sitting in the front room with Jo and her flatmate and three of these Black guys – I felt so out of place - and Jo got up to change the film in the DVD player. She was wearing a short light silky mini skirt which rode right up – revealing even more of her bare and beautiful long legs, right to the very top. Jo was totally unaware of it – but it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen – the smooth milky white curve of the back of her long thigh, and the silky material of her skirt raised up to just cover her bottom - and all three of the Black guys just looked from her legs and bottom raised in the air to each other. I felt so threatened but I just couldn't say anything...

    The other problem was that Jo’s flatmate would have very long and very loud sex sessions with her Black boyfriend – they would go on for hours and she was very noisy. Jo seemed to be totally used to this - she would lie in bed and ignore it – but I couldn’t – the whole flat was echoing! Lord knows what the neighbours must have thought!

    There were a couple of occasions when I met Jo in the fashionable West End for lunch or shopping. She was with her flat mate and on both occasions there were four or five big Black guys with them. Jo was always looking gorgeous – always in short skirts with her beautiful long legs – and I found it so hard being around her with so many Black guys all clearly lusting for her.

    I wasn't with Jo for long that summer. The final straw came when she asked me to go to a nightclub in the West End where her flatmates boyfriend was DJ. I was nervous about this - but the truth was I would have done anything to make Jo happy. When I arrived I was virtually the only white guy there – and the whole downstairs room was pumping hip hop. More incredibly it was full of the most beautiful white girls all surrounded by big Black guys. The sights I saw really opened my eyes to what was happening at the hottest London nightclubs.

    I saw Jo at the bar and just stopped and stared. It’s a sight I will never forget. Jo was talking to two Black guys – one of whom was slowly working his arm round her waist. She was wearing a tiny denim micro skirt and knee-high black leather high heeled boots – and do you know to this day I have a fetish for girls in boots!

    I can't begin to explain the wave of emotions I felt - anger, jealousy, fear and yes, I confess, I was turned on. And being unable to cope, I turned and walked out of the club – having to pass one of the most gorgeous blondes I’ve ever seen grinding with a big Black guy on the dance floor. She was the last image I have of that night.
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    Admit it, you obviously want to see Jo being fucked my Big black cocks while you watch. Nothing wrong with this my friend. As a matter of fact there are many more white men with this type of fetish than you think.

    Have heard stories of white men asking for tips how to ease their white girlfriends/wifes into fucking a black man but in your case, it looks like you don't need no tips as Jo is already in the groove [​IMG]
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    Hi thanks for the response and yes you're quite right I would love to see Jo with a Black guy. Whether that has already happened or not I don't know - or if it hasn't already whether it will. Whoever does end up with her will be one lucky guy.

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    You are already grow bro.why should think about like that.

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